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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 Beta

Τεχνολογία » Software » Λειτουργικά Συστήματα » Linux - 12/03/2008

Η Red Hat ανακοίνωσε την κυκλοφορία της πρώτης beta της επόμενης έκδοσης του Red Hat Enterprise Linux, δηλαδή την 5.2 beta. Οι βελτιώσεις σε αυτή την έκδοση πολλές, κυρίως όσον αφορά τον τομέα του virtualization. Έχει αρκετές προσθήκες όσον αφορά την ασφάλεια και φυσικά έχει γίνει βελτίωση του λειτουργικού συστήματατος για Desktop χρήση.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2 Beta
Το Red Hat είναι μια από τις πιο γνωστές διανομές, και φυσικά αποτελεί σημείο αναφοράς για όλους, αφού πολλές άλλες διανομές βασίζονται στο Red Hat και στις τεχνολογίες του (π.χ. RPM).

Παρακάτω παραθέτουμε τις βελτιώσεις, σύμφωνα με τις σημειώσεις κυκλοφορίας:


This beta release includes the following improvements:

* Virtualization Enhancements
+ Large System Support
- Hypercall interface for NUMA topology discovery
- Optimized placement at guest start up
- Support in libvirt
- Physical CPU support increase to 64 CPU/system
- Large Memory Support increased to 512 GB/system
- Network interfaces in para-virtualized guests no longer
limited to 3
+ Libvirt Enhancements
- Remote management support
- Manage virtual machines from single instance of virt-manager
- Enhance virt-manager capabilities to more dynamic management
+ Additional Hardware Support
+ Xen hypervisor rebase to 3.1.2
+ CPU frequency scaling for Xen kernels for reduced power
consumption (see the Release Notes for list of supported CPUs)
+ Performance and stability improvements

* Laptop and Desktop Enhancement
+ Suspend and Hibernate improvements
+ Re-base of the top Desktop applications
- Evolution 2.12.3
- Firefox 3
- OpenOffice 2.3.0
- Thunderbird 2.0
+ Updated graphics drivers

* Encryption and Security Enhancements
+ New kernel crypto hardware driver APIs
+ SHA-256 / SHA-512 password encryption support
+ Add RFC4303 compliant auditing support

* Improved Audit and Logging
+ Add rsyslog logging facility

* Networking and IPv6 Enablement
+ Improved IPv6 compliance
+ SNMP IPv6 MIB improvement
- Limited support to query IPv6 values
+ IKE 2 support via OpenSwan
+ DHCPv6 client and server
+ Add memory accounting in UDP

* Cluster Improvements
+ Resource Event Scripting Language allows complex application
failover capabilities
+ Plock performance improvement
+ SCSI 3 reservation fencing support for active/active and
active/passive DM/MPIO (multipathing)

* Kernel Improvements
+ General Features
- Add NFS client support for servers with 64-bit inode numbers
- Enable config options for IPMI panic handling
- Add HDMI support for AMD/ATI integrated chipsets
- Update Infiniband support to OFED v1.3
- Eliminate erroneous PCI ROM warning messages
- Add support to offline CPU when realtime process is running
+ Architecture Specific Support
- x86/x86_64
- Add support of pci=norom boot parameter to disable p2p
rom window
- Enable pci=bfsort
- Increase boot command line size to 2048 for x86_64
- Add event based profiling support to AMD Greyhound system
- Add Intel's dynamic acceleration technology
- IA64
- Add CMCI for hot-plugged processors
- Remove IA64 stack hard limit of DEFAULT_USER_STACK_SIZE
- Add zonelist order sysctl/boot option on NUMA systems
- PPC64
- IBM Cell Broadband Engine blade systems
- Add oprofile support
- Update IPMI driver
- Support for booting with greater than 2GB memory
- IBM Power6 blade systems
- Enable support of FB_RADEON driver
- Improve watchpoint support in GDB
- Update ehea driver to latest upstream
- Add SPURR (Scaled Processor Utilization of Resources
Register) support
- Improve hugepage allocation with memoryless nodes
- Add SLB shadow buffer support
- S390
- Add large page support
- Add HiperSockets MAC layer routing support and IP packet
- Add z/VM monitor stream state 2 application support
- Add support for z/VM DIAG 2FC for HYPFS
- Add AF_IUCV Protocol support on BSD socket interface
- Add dynamic CHPID reconfiguration support via SCLP
+ New Driver support or Driver Updates
- Network Driver Updates
- Add bnx2x driver for Broadcom 10GbE Hardware
- Add dm9601 driver support for Davicom's ZT6688
- Update bnx2, e1000, e1000e, tg3, forcedeth, igb, ixgb,
cxgb3 driver
- PCI Express-based devices moved from e1000 to e1000e
- Add WEXT scan capabilities to wireless extensions API
- Update mac80211/iwl4965 infrastructure
- Update cfg80211 driver to support mac80211/iwl4965
- Update ixgbe driver to support new Intel 10GbE hardware
- Add r8169 driver support for Realtek 8111c and 8101e loms
- Update bonding, netxen, ioatdma driver
- Storage Driver Updates
- Update iSCSI
- Added iSNS client: isns-utils
- Added iSCSI Boot Firmware Table (iBFT) support to boot
iSCSI root volumes
- Update aic94xx, arcmsr, aacraid, cciss, ibmvSCSI driver
- Update ipr driver to add dual SAS RAID controller support
- Update qla2xxx, lpfc Fibre Channel drivers
- Includes support for 8 Gb/s adapters
- Update qla3xxx, mpt-fusion, stex, megaraid_sas
- Update firmwire for Qlogic qla25xx
- Update SATA driver and infrastructure
- Add SB800/SB700/SB600 SATA/LAN support
- Add DRAC4 hotplug support
- Add hotplug docking support for some laptops
- Add uevent and kobject to device mapper infrastructure
for xDR/GDPs
- Update device mapper support
- New support for active/passive HP MSA family
- Miscellaneous Driver Updates
- Add R500/R600 drm driver (X11 deccelerator driver) support

Για περισσότερες πληροφορίες δείτε εδώ.

      - Add support for Realtek alc888s codec

Tags: Red Hat, Linux, open source, GNU, rpm.
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